The Opus Condo launch

The Opus Condo launch

Householders must always look into the quality of the surrounding areas of their possible residence. After security and safety, the distance to the needed facilities should be thought about. When developing the Opus Condo, the developer was keen on observing the surrounding. The Opus Condo CDL is situated in the center of Katong, which makes it one of the top properties for families. If you are not yet convinced by its place, check out the feature which you will enjoy once you own a condo in the building. The Opus Condo is the former Amber Park Enbloc by City Developments Limited and Hong Leong Group.

The location of the opus condo is very close to the MRT station, allowing residents to access the building easily. Furthermore, for residents who will be residing in the condo but work in the city, the East Coast Parkway is just a walking from distance from the city. Through the parkway, the quickest transportation to the city is 10 minutes.

It’s also best that a shopping store is near by, so you can save time traveling when you need to shop. The Opus floor plan shows the plan of the different unit type of the design. The Opus Condo is conveniently situated close to the Parkway Parade Shopping Center. There are MPH bookstores, seven floors of goods, restaurants, clothes shops, and Mark & Spencer in the mall which has been around since 1984.

You can also visit the Katong Shopping Mall on the Mountbatten Road. You can find a lot of services in this mall, such as printing, optics, fast-food, employment, and others. Air-conditioned malls were few back then and the Katong shopping mall is one of the first malls to do so.

From time to time, you may want to have a family fun day away from the daily hustle and bustle. The East Coast Park, which is situated a walking distance from the Opus Condo, offers a perfect place to spend much time. The park is an excellent location to do outdoor grilling since there are accessible barbecue pits. Aside from that, the place has also numerous dining establishments that are ideal for those wants to have an outdoor eating.

The majority of the restaurants have beautiful views of the sea where you can enjoy your meal and at the same time experience the cool sea breeze. It’s easy to connect with others around here since there are locals and vacationers wanting to enjoy their visit to the place. The most common delicacies services in the restaurants include mee goreng and chili crabs.

When you’re into sports, the Opus Condo has catered for your needs by including unique and special facilities within the Opus Amber Gardens. A few of the amenities you can enjoy here include BBQ pits, kid’s playground, tennis court, pool area, an indoor gymnasium, a club house, a functioning house, and a sun deck.